About Us

Bob’s Scooters Trading a.k.a. “RJG Scooters & Accessories” from Bulacan has been involved in the scooter modification industry for quite some time now. They are engaged in wholesale and retail with a wide range of accessories, racing parts and spare parts of high quality. Initially, they were into two-stroke set-ups during the heyday of the small, powerful and affordable used scooters that scattered in Luzon, which introduced many to the wonderful world of performance modifications, show customizations and racing. As the industry grew, they also diversified the underbone modifications which replaced the two-stroke market.

Racing Boy started here in the Philippines when Mr. Bob Lu attended the race of the ASEAN GP (2007) and met the three brothers of Racing Boy. They are now the exclusive distributor of Racing Boy from Malaysia, and has started the contract in the year 2008, which features many accessories for scooters and underbones.

Racing Boy has been very popular in Bulacan and Manila, and now in other provinces of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao because of the quality and wide variety of motorcycle accessories.


Other brands we carry:
Uma Racing
• Solcar® Locks & Ignition Keys
• ProLiner Racing Exhaust Pipe

NOB1 Racing
(for NOB1 pipe orders, please contact the following dealer: Ace Precision Motor Parts)